Killer Instinct Fuel 415 RDC Crossbow



  • LUMIX 4×32 IR-E Scope
  • Sled Rope Cocker
  • Quiver
  • (3) 20-inch HYPR LITE Bolts (370 Grains) with Field Tips
  • Stick of Rail Lube
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Killer Instinct Fuel 415 RDC Crossbow

Killer Instinct Fuel 415 RDC Crossbow

The FUEL 415 features a built-in RDC Crank making it easy to cock your crossbow with very little effort. Performance, premium crossbow bolts and a lighted 4×32 scope brings you the dependability and tack driving accuracy Killer Instinct is known for. The FUEL 415 PRO Package includes everything needed to start shooting. A 5-position AR-style butt stock shortens the crossbows overall length and allows you to adjust a comfortable length-of-pull. The FUEL 415 is sure to produce deadly results.


  • Wicked Speed
  • Integrated Crank
  • Pro Package
  • 415 Feet Per Second


Product Information

IBO Speed Rating 415 Feet Per Second
Length 37 Inches
Weight 6.7 Pound
Battery CR2032
Draw Weight 220 Pound
Sights 4×32 Illuminated Scope
Power Stroke 14.5 Inches
Maximum Arrow Length 20 Inches
Axle to Axle Width 18.75 Inches
Kinetic Energy 141 Foot Pounds
Cocking Device Quiet Crank


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