Centerpoint Hellion™ 400 HRK Compound Crossbow

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Centerpoint Hellion™ 400 HRK Compound Crossbow


The Hellion 400 Hunt Ready Kit is the hunters complete package, outfitted with all the tools necessary for a successful hunting trip. In addition to the Hellion 400, a 400 fps crossbow with an adjustable stock, folding stirrup, and narrow frame, the kit also features a swath of CenterPoint accessories. Our specially designed Hybrid Crossbow Case keeps your crossbow and gear secure and protected on the go with a durable exterior, built-in padding, dedicated arrow and gear pockets, and cinching straps. Easily carry your crossbow with the included crossbow sling. And, of course, we include six of our high-quality .003” carbon arrows, along with a pack of our DEADPOINT™ Broadheads for maximum effectiveness.

The Hellion 400 HRK includes:

  • Hellion400
  • Hybrid Crossbow Case
  • CenterPoint Crossbow Sling
  • (6) 20″ .003″ arrows
  • DEADPOINT™ Broadheads


    • 185 lb. Draw Weight
      To transfer high kinetic energy with every shot
    • 8″ Cocked / 12″ Uncocked
      One of CenterPoint’s slimmest crossbow profiles, crafted for quick movement and easy carry
    • CNC-Machined Aluminum Rails and Cams
      For durability and smooth shooting
    • Roller Retention Spring Feature
      For consistent and repeatable arrow tension
  • Folding Stirrup
    Stirrup doubles as an adaptable bipod for increased stability and accuracy


SKU C0016
Arrow Velocity Up to 400 fps
Foot Pounds of Energy (FPE) 142.08 ft-lbs
Product Weight 8.13 lbs
Length 33 in
Draw Weight 185 lbs
System Compound
Limbs Compression Fiberglass Quad Limbs
Riser Aluminum
Stock Style Adjustable
Stock Material Composite

1 review for Centerpoint Hellion™ 400 HRK Compound Crossbow

  1. Nelson

    To be honest it was skeptical to me when i was asked to make payment via Bitcoin i did because i was familiar with crypto currency’s but am happy you guys are legit just got my crossbow and am happy with your delivery speed i will always choose you ❤️

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