Centerpoint Hellion™ 400 Compound Crossbow Kit


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Centerpoint Hellion™ 400 Compound Crossbow Kit

Delivering industry-leading performance and value, the Hellion Hunt Ready Kit includes all the equipment a hunter needs ahead of his next hunt. At the heart of this kit is the Hellion 400. At only 8 inches axle-to-axle fully cocked and with an adjustable buttstock and folding stirrup included, the Hellion’s slim profile shoots an astounding 400 feet per second, proving it packs a punch.


The Hellion 400 Hunt Ready Kit is the hunters complete package, outfitted with all the tools necessary for a successful hunting trip. In addition to the Hellion 400, a 400 fps crossbow with an adjustable stock, folding stirrup, and narrow frame, the kit also features a swath of CenterPoint accessories. Our specially designed Hybrid Crossbow Case keeps your crossbow and gear secure and protected on the go with a durable exterior, built-in padding, dedicated arrow and gear pockets, and cinching straps. Easily carry your crossbow with the included crossbow sling. And, of course, we include six of our high-quality .003” carbon arrows, along with a pack of our DEADPOINT™ Broadheads for maximum effectiveness. The Hellion 400 HRK includes:

  • Hellion 400
  • Hybrid Crossbow Case
  • CenterPoint Crossbow Sling
  • (6) 20″ .003” arrows
  • DEADPOINT™ BroadheadsThe Hellion 400 crosswbow features:
  • 185 lb. Draw WeightTo transfer high kinetic energy with every shot
  • 8″ Cocked / 12″ UncockedOne of CenterPoint’s slimmest crossbow profiles, crafted for quick movement and easy carry
  • CNC-Machined Aluminum Rails and CamsFor durability and smooth shooting
  • Roller Retention Spring FeatureFor consistent and repeatable arrow tension
  • Folding StirrupStirrup doubles as an adaptable bipod for increased stability and accuracy


SKU C0009
Arrow Velocity Up to 400 fps
Product Weight 8.13 lbs
Length 33 in
Draw Weight 185 lbs
System Compound
Limbs Compression Fiberglass Quad Limbs
Riser Aluminum
Stock Style Adjustable
Stock Material Composite


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